[svnbook commit] r2155 - in trunk/src: en/book es/book it/book nb/book pt_BR/book ru/book zh/book

maxb noreply at red-bean.com
Sun May 14 08:24:26 CDT 2006

Author: maxb
Date: Sun May 14 08:24:26 2006
New Revision: 2155

   trunk/src/en/book/   (props changed)
   trunk/src/es/book/   (props changed)
   trunk/src/it/book/   (props changed)
   trunk/src/nb/book/   (props changed)
   trunk/src/pt_BR/book/   (props changed)
   trunk/src/ru/book/   (props changed)
   trunk/src/zh/book/   (props changed)

Ignore pattern maintenance:
  - Add 'svn-book-*.tar.bz2'
  - Sort the common portion of the ignore lists (leaving translation-specific
    additions untouched at the bottom).

* src/en/book
* src/es/book
* src/it/book
* src/nb/book
* src/pt_BR/book
* src/ru/book
* src/zh/book

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