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#21: Book warning about issue #895
 Reporter:  maxb     |       Owner:  nobody
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 Moved from: http://subversion.tigris.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=2131

 Patch by Eric Hanchrow <offby1_at_blarg.net>.  Adds a warning about
 restructuring directories on a branch.  The warning is basically an
 of issue !#895, which will not be fixed until issue !#898 is fixed (atomic
 renames).  No responses on the dev list.

 The original message is archived here:

 Additional comments from Julian Foad Mon Aug 1 08:25:58 -0700 2005

 Committed in book r1579, tweaked by me.

 Additional comments from Julian Foad Mon Aug 1 12:33:14 -0700 2005

 Reverted in r1580 by request of Ben Collins-Sussman for further
 Issue re-opened.

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