ViewCVS -> ViewVC ?

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Sun Mar 26 23:20:06 CST 2006

marc gonzalez-carnicer wrote:
> now that you mention it, where can viewvc be
> obtained? the site seems to be down
> since friday,

Yeah. (whose DNS servers are in charge of the viewvc.* domains)
is having some issues with DDOS attacks.

> and contains only a
> tarfile of version 0.9.4 (2005/11/11), which can not,
> to my experience (perhaps i did not know how to
> configure it), be used to browse svn repositories.
> a readme file there says that version 1.0 is not yet
> available, is that true?

Yes, it's true.  The ViewVC community hasn't rolled a release of its
Subversion-aware self yet.  We're trying to do so, though, in the next few

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