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Johann Melvill wrote:
> First of all I am a total newbie to subversion. That means I am still
> falling around trying to find out how to install correctly and then use
> it before releasing it to the hounds out there.
> Subversion 1.3 was released recently.  I am not asking for a 1.3 manual.
> With the backlog of learning I have the 1.2 manual should suffice for a
> while.  What I do want to know, is there a PDF version of the 1.3
> manual. If so where do I find it. I am not always near a computer
> (commuter time to and from work) and would like to spend that time
> studying Subversion.

Johann, we don't have a set schedule really for the book, but are currently
working towards the completion of the 1.2 version, and on to the 1.3 version.

In terms of the differences against a 1.2 book version, I don't think the
1.3 version will be terribly significant -- certainly not in ways that bring
the must bang for the buck to a Subversion "newbie".  If you can digest the
1.2-in-progress that's available nightly, you'll have more than enough
knowledge to become a comfortable and successful Subversion user.

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 been found difficult; and left untried."  -- G. K. Chesterton
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