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Craig_Reynolds at wrote:
> Hi. I'm new to Subversion and reading the SVN Book.  In
> :

Welcome to Subversion!

>>...Your working copy is just like any other collection of files and 
>>directories on your system. You can edit and change them, move them 
>>around, you can even delete the entire working copy and forget about 
> (Thanks for mentioning that last point, I had wondered about that very
> issue.)

Cool.  Glad it was helpful.

>>Unless you're ready to commit a new file or directory, or changes to 
>>existing ones, there's no need to further notify the Subversion 
>>server that you've done anything...
> Given the context (having just done the initial checkout) might
> "Until..." not be better than "Unless..."?

I don't feel like the current wording is actually hindering the
understanding of the section at all, but yeah, I kinda get what you're

Anybody else have strong opinions?

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