[PATCH] Copyfrom-path updated to Node-copyfrom-path (ch05)

Jonathan METILLON jmetillon at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 18:08:18 CST 2006

My repository used to contain two projects and I followed the
instructions from the book chapter 5 section 3.1.3 to svndumpfilter
them into two distinct repositories.

As I wanted to remove the top directory for each projects, I edited my
dumpfiles, tweaking the Node-path and Copyfrom-path headers.

But I had a hard time finding any reference to Copyfrom-path because
the true syntax is Node-copyfrom-path. Maybe it's a new syntax from
svn 1.3.0, or maybe it's a typo. I don't know because I'm newbie to

Anyway, here's my patch. Should I commit?

Jonathan Métillon

--- ch05.xml    (revision 2095)
+++ ch05.xml    (working copy)
@@ -1572,7 +1572,7 @@
           and <filename>branches</filename> directories to live in the
           root of your repository, you might wish to edit your
           dump files, tweaking the <literal>Node-path</literal> and
-          <literal>Copyfrom-path</literal> headers to no longer have
+          <literal>Node-copyfrom-path</literal> headers to no longer have
           that first <filename>calc/</filename> path component.  Also,
           you'll want to remove the section of dump data that creates
           the <filename>calc</filename> directory.  It will look

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