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Chris H. fbsd at
Mon Jun 12 05:40:47 CDT 2006

We're attempting to use Subversion 1.1 as supplied by our OS
vendor (FreeBSD). After building it from the ports tree. I
examined the html version (single html file) of the documentation.
However, it rendered poorly. I opened it up in an editor in
an attempt to investigate the trouble and attempt to fix it.
What I found was that it was permiated with embedded high ASCII
characters - or so it appears. Thinking that it might have
simply been an anomoly caused by the build process, I went
to: to download what I believed
would be a properly formatted copy of the same documentation.
Unfortunately, it too was corrupt. I then downloaded v.1.2
hoping that the problem had been corrected in a newer version.
Again, it was also corrupt. I also tried v.1.3; same problem.
It is not a problem with any of our boxes, as I made these
attempts with seperate unrelated boxes and different browsers.
The browsers are all recent versions. I also downloaded it via
the command line with fetch. All with identical results.
Were the original documentation converted to html from an
infected windows word document? Will there be a _clean_ version
any time soon? It is difficult to correct the documentation in
it's current state with an editor, as much of the embedded
garbage is not visible. The only visible portion is the first
character, which is an accented a (â). Two characters follow,
but are not visible.

On a side note; Is there a good reason to embed Google's
advertising in the distributed version of the documentation?
It doesn't lend itself to learning Subversion, and in an
"in house" development environment, it creates alot of
undesirable noise in the firewall/ pf logs. Not to mention,
it makes the browser complain that can't be
found. Seems to consume browser realestate unnessarily too.

Thank you for all your time and consideration. Thank you also
for all the time and hard work that must have gone into the
creation of this documentation. I only wish we could use it.


FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE-p12 (SMP - 900x2) Tue Mar 7 19:37:23 PST 2006

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