Introduction of Glossary section?

Federico Nebiacolombo federico.nebiacolombo at
Wed Jun 7 10:10:06 CDT 2006

Dear all/Pilato,
                transalting Subversion book from english to Italian the
Italian team,
for sake of clarity, decided not transalte some special terms (e.g. commit,
repository,...); taking this decision we kindly propose to this community to
a Glossary section so that terms can be well described using our native
We propose to introduce it under the form of an Appendix.

If you agree about this we would need some help to do this in respect of
The ideal would to introduce it on an upgrade of Book Delivery 1.2 'final'
probably a new delivery could be done 1.2a? But, of course, due to the fact
that we do not known your
convention about delivery, we leave you this decision.

Another solution is to include Glossary in new 1.3 delivery that is still
under dev process.

Can you let us known what do you think about?

thank in advance
Federico Nebiacolombo

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