[svnbook commit] r2328 - trunk/src/it/lab

Max Bowsher maxb1 at ukf.net
Thu Jul 20 17:44:28 CDT 2006

nebiac wrote:
> Author: nebiac
> Date: Thu Jul 20 01:35:17 2006
> New Revision: 2328
> Added:
>    trunk/src/it/lab/
>    trunk/src/it/lab/Makefile.base-rules
>    trunk/src/it/lab/Makefile.base-rules.orig
>    trunk/src/it/lab/Makefile.base-vars
>    trunk/src/it/lab/Makefile.base-vars.orig
>    trunk/src/it/lab/Readme.txt
> Log:
> Added this lab dir: it contains files on which it community is working 
> and cannot be exchanged using svn-it attached files.
> This dir or its content will be empty when the specific
> job  will end.

I have two (minor) complaints about this.

1) If you copy files within the repository, do it with 'svn copy' and
NOT by copying them manually and then using 'svn add'.  This is so that
the copy history is actually recorded in the repository and the fact
that it is a copy is clearly displayed in the commit emails.

2) Any changes to the build system should be discussed on svnbook-dev@,
in English, not on individual language mailing lists, since these
discussions are relevant to ALL the language translation teams and the
English book maintainers too.


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