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Actually, Nebiac, I was noticing that status image the other day and
realizing how hard it was for me to understand.  The multicolumn approach is
fine, but there isn't a clear "gutter" between columns, so my eye can't
quickly tell if the labels (CAP07, CAP08) apply to the blocks to their left
or to their right.  Also, it's not clear why some of the blocks are
subdivided, even though all the subdivisions are the same color.

If you instead dropped the graphic, and went with a regular HTML table, you
might have clearer results.  For example, you could use a table with columns
like:  Section, Owner(s), Translation Status, Verification Status.
"Section" is just the "Foreword", "Chapter 1", etc.  "Owner(s)" lists the
team members working on that section (if none are listed, that reveals your
current "unassigned" state).  The "Translation Status" and "Verification
Status" columns contain text like "45% complete", and you could use colored
background to indicate a typical red/yellow/green status (red = "far from
finished", yellow = "getting close", green = "done!").

The best part is that you can do all this in HTML, in your native language,
and use title="" attributes to put your table's text into English.  And if
other teams wanted to adopt the same status reporting mechanism, we could
squirrel away the CSS stuff that makes it all work into the shared CSS file.

Just some ideas.

Federico Nebiacolombo wrote:
> Hi Celio,
>         I'am NOT an HTML expert but I share with you the needing of giving
> some
> feedback about translation status using web site, if you want, you can take
> a look at
> http://svnbook.red-bean.com/index.it.html
> we used a simple image to give a snapshot of status.
> It could be considered as alternative solution?
> best regards
> Nebiac
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>>I want to show in the pt-BR home page an overview of the current state
>>of the translation by listing all the chapters and their respective
>>individual status. But before I commit, I would like to get from you
>>some hints about how I can format this list in a better, easier to
>>read way. The code below is the best I could do while trying to keep
>>it simple. If it's good, just say "that's it" :-)
>>	Foreword - <em>concluído</em>.<br />
>>	Preface - <em>concluído</em>.<br />
>>	1. Introduction - <em>em andamento</em>.<br />
>>	2. Basic Concepts.<br />
>>	3. Guided Tour.<br />
>>	4. Branching and Merging.<br />
>>	5. Repository Administration.<br />
>>	6. Server Configuration.<br />
>>	7. Advanced Topics.<br />
>>	8. Developer Information.<br />
>>	9. Subversion Complete Reference.<br />
>>	A. Subversion for CVS Users.<br />
>>	B. WebDAV and Autoversioning.<br />
>>	C. Third Party Tools.<br />
>>	D. Copyright.
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