uncommited file, svn rm

marc gonzalez-carnicer carnicer at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 06:37:54 CDT 2006

hi all,

a suggestion, i guess fits into this list

if a 'svn rm' for an scheduled for addition
file is attempted (that is, not yet commited),
the user is suggested to use the --force

i'd say it would be better to (also?) suggest the
not-so-experienced user to use svn revert, since
that may fit better what he wants to accomplish

follows output for svn 1.3.0

$ ls f
$ svn add f
A         f
$ svn rm f
svn: Use --force to override this restriction
svn: 'f' has local modifications
$ svn revert f
Reverted 'f'

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