Suggestion on formatting a list in HTML

CĂ©lio Cidral Junior ccidral.newsbox at
Wed Jul 5 08:32:27 CDT 2006

I want to show in the pt-BR home page an overview of the current state
of the translation by listing all the chapters and their respective
individual status. But before I commit, I would like to get from you
some hints about how I can format this list in a better, easier to
read way. The code below is the best I could do while trying to keep
it simple. If it's good, just say "that's it" :-)

	Foreword - <em>concluído</em>.<br />
	Preface - <em>concluído</em>.<br />
	1. Introduction - <em>em andamento</em>.<br />
	2. Basic Concepts.<br />
	3. Guided Tour.<br />
	4. Branching and Merging.<br />
	5. Repository Administration.<br />
	6. Server Configuration.<br />
	7. Advanced Topics.<br />
	8. Developer Information.<br />
	9. Subversion Complete Reference.<br />
	A. Subversion for CVS Users.<br />
	B. WebDAV and Autoversioning.<br />
	C. Third Party Tools.<br />
	D. Copyright.



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