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Max Bowsher maxb1 at ukf.net
Wed Feb 22 09:53:31 CST 2006

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FLamY wrote:
> Hello, Max.

Though I do seem to be currently handling most systems administration
matters where the svnbook is concerned, I am but one of many committers.
If you are looking for an official decision, it's the three primary
authors that you need to address yourself to (all of whom are subscribed
to this list).

> We have a russian site about subversion, http://subversion.org.ru/
> I think, it will be a good idea about creating on this site mirror
> of russian translation of Subversion Book. What do you thing about it?

Provided arrangements are made to automatically keep it up to date, and
there is a moderately obvious link pointing back to the upstream site, I
think it's an acceptable thing to do.

(If this is done, I think it would be reasonable to note the existence
of a mirror, and link to it, on index.ru.html).

I am curious about the motivation, though - is it because
svnbook.red-bean.com's performance is slow, or just because
subversion.org.ru would like to be a central portal for all things
Russian+Subversion ?

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