Japanese Translation of SVNBook Top page

Tetsuto Teddy Nishiyama (Home) nnishi at zeus.eonet.ne.jp
Wed Feb 22 06:44:27 CST 2006

C. Michael Pilato wrote:
> That's a fine way to submit it.  Are you offering to maintain the page
> as well?  If so, please let me know your preferred username (nnishi?)
> and I'll hook you up with commit access to the repository.

Yes, I'd like to volunteer to maintain this page.
My preference for a username is actually "tnishi".

> The page looks good (to a guy who doesn't understand a lick of
> Japanese).  One other thing we'll need is the correct HTML to put at the
> bottom of all the *other* translations of index.en.html for linking to
> the Japanese version.  You could provide those bits via email, or if you
> wish, you can add them yourself to the respective HTML files once you
> have commit access.

Actually, I thought this would come up so I provided the code as a
comment in the page.  Anyway, here it is.

<a href="index.ja.html" title="Japanese"
hreflang="ja" lang="ja" rel="alternate">日本語</a>

# you'll notice I changed the name of the file from ...jp... to ...ja...
# I just received a comment that "jp" refers to Japan the country and
# "ja" refers to the Japanese language...hmmm, learn something new everyday.

>>A few things:
>>1) This translation has gone through 3 review cycles by
>>   the Japanese Subversion discussion list.
> Excellent.
>>2) You will notice that the title "Version Control with Subversion"
>>   looks like "Subversion Version Control with" in Japanese and
>>   the "Version Control with" part is below the main "Subversion".
>>   This is due to Japanese grammar.  Also, related to this, we
>>   (meaning the Japanese list) feel that it looks more natural if
>>   the text is aligned right instead of left.  Would it be possible
>>   for the author(s) to add perhaps a "title3" that is aligned right
>>   to the stylesheet?
> Sure -- no problem there.  So, title3 is just title1 with
> right-alignment, yes?

That's correct.

>>3) The link for the Japanese translation of SVNBook is for now pointing
>>   to Tez Kamihira's page.  I have initiated discussions on the Japanese
>>   list and have generated interest in eventually moving the translation
>>   to red-bean.com as an official translation.  We have a guy who is
>>   willing to take over as lead translator and have atleast two reviewers.
>>   His name is Noritada Kobayashi and is the translator who provided ja.po
>>   for Subversion
>>   We're just waiting for him to finish his graduate school thesis.
>>   So until he returns to the list, I have listed Tez's translation as
>>   an "unofficial" translation.
> Very cool.  Thanks, Teddy.

My pleasure.

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