[svnbook commit] r2027 - trunk/src/es/book

gradha svnbook-dev at red-bean.com
Thu Feb 23 16:49:52 CST 2006

Author: gradha
Date: Thu Feb 23 16:49:45 2006
New Revision: 2027


Book Spanish. Translated one paragraph.

Modified: trunk/src/es/book/ch06.xml
--- trunk/src/es/book/ch06.xml	(original)
+++ trunk/src/es/book/ch06.xml	Thu Feb 23 16:49:45 2006
@@ -1809,12 +1809,12 @@
 ssl-authority-files = /path/to/CAcert1.pem;/path/to/CAcert2.pem
-        <para>Many OpenSSL installations also have a pre-defined set
-          of <quote>default</quote> CAs that are nearly universally
-          trusted.  To make the Subversion client automatically trust
-          these standard authorities, set the
-          <literal>ssl-trust-default-ca</literal> variable to
-          <literal>true</literal>.</para>
+        <para>Muchas instalaciones de OpenSSL confían <quote>por
+          defecto</quote> de manera casi universal en un conjunto
+          predefinido de CAs. para hacer que el cliente Subversion
+          confíe de manera automática en estas autoridades estándar,
+          cambie la variable <literal>ssl-trust-default-ca</literal>
+          a <literal>true</literal>.</para>
         <para>When talking to Apache, a Subversion client might also
           receive a challenge for a client certificate.  Apache is

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