Japanese Translation of SVNBook Top page

Tetsuto Teddy Nishiyama (Home) nnishi at zeus.eonet.ne.jp
Tue Feb 21 09:04:17 CST 2006

Hi All,

I wanted to inform the list that I have made a Japanese
translation of the SVNBook top page so I would like to
submit it for review and upload to red-bean.com upon

Since I wasn't sure how to submit this, I have for the
time being placed the translation here for viewing.


A few things:

1) This translation has gone through 3 review cycles by
   the Japanese Subversion discussion list.
2) You will notice that the title "Version Control with Subversion"
   looks like "Subversion Version Control with" in Japanese and
   the "Version Control with" part is below the main "Subversion".
   This is due to Japanese grammar.  Also, related to this, we
   (meaning the Japanese list) feel that it looks more natural if
   the text is aligned right instead of left.  Would it be possible
   for the author(s) to add perhaps a "title3" that is aligned right
   to the stylesheet?
3) The link for the Japanese translation of SVNBook is for now pointing
   to Tez Kamihira's page.  I have initiated discussions on the Japanese
   list and have generated interest in eventually moving the translation
   to red-bean.com as an official translation.  We have a guy who is
   willing to take over as lead translator and have atleast two reviewers.
   His name is Noritada Kobayashi and is the translator who provided ja.po
   for Subversion
   We're just waiting for him to finish his graduate school thesis.
   So until he returns to the list, I have listed Tez's translation as
   an "unofficial" translation.


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