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Thu Feb 16 00:37:58 CST 2006

Author: gradha
Date: Thu Feb 16 00:37:50 2006
New Revision: 2004


Book Spanish. Translated one paragraph.

Modified: trunk/src/es/book/ch06.xml
--- trunk/src/es/book/ch06.xml	(original)
+++ trunk/src/es/book/ch06.xml	Thu Feb 16 00:37:50 2006
@@ -1716,14 +1716,15 @@
       <sect3 id="svn-ch-6-sect-4.3.2">
-        <title>SSL Certificate Management</title>
+        <title>Gestión de certificados SS</title>
-        <para>Businesses that need to expose their repositories for access
-          outside the company firewall should be conscious of the
-          possibility that unauthorized parties could be
-          <quote>sniffing</quote> their network traffic.  SSL makes
-          that kind of unwanted attention less likely to result in
-          sensitive data leaks.</para>
+        <para>Las empresas que necesitan exponer sus repositorios
+          a un acceso externo al firewall de la compañía deberían
+          ser conscientes de que grupos <!-- TODO parties? -->no
+          autorizados podrían estar <quote>rastreando</quote> su
+          tráfico de red. SSL consigue que ese tipo de atención
+          no deseada desemboque con menor probabilidad en fugas de
+          datos sensitivos.</para>
         <para>If a Subversion client is compiled to use OpenSSL, then
           it gains the ability to speak to an Apache server via

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