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karthik kattamuri karthikcse507 at
Wed Dec 20 03:03:38 CST 2006

my problem is
*unalbe to plug in to the apache
Apache 2 outputs startup errors in the Event Viewer's Application log,
      so check the details of the error there. The following error:
          The Apache service named reported the following error:
          >>> Cannot load <install path>/Apache2/modules/
          into server: The specified module could not be found."
      means you need to copy the libdb42.dll and the intl.dll from the
      Subversion folder to your Apache\bin or Apache\modules folder.
1    - Make sure that the Subversion Path is included in the systems %PATH%
 2   - Make sure that your entries in httpd.conf are correct and remember
that and should be loaded after the other
      mod_dav*.so modules.
  3  - Uninstall the Apache service manually by typing:
        apache -k uninstall
    4  Then check your httpd.conf and reinstall the service by typing:
        apache -k install

i followed first two steps.
but i do not know where i have to execute this step apache -k uninstall

please help me regarding this.

with regards,
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