how to build our branch?

Ben Collins-Sussman sussman at
Thu Dec 21 19:50:35 CST 2006

Right before leaving on vacation, I checked out our reorg branch
(which wasn't yet different from trunk.)  As our README file
instructed, (1) I dropped the docbook-xsl package into tools/ , (2) I
made sure I had 'xsltproc' installed, (3) installed FOP and Jimi.  As
expected, running 'make book-html' or 'make book-pdf' Just Worked.

Today I updated the branch, and got all of cmike's huge changes.  Now
when I try to build, I seem to be missing tools and/or am getting hit
by assumptions about things in /usr/share/xml/...

[sussman at BenMacBook:~/projects/svnbook/src/en]$ make book-html
if ! test -e "../tools/xsl"; then ../tools/bin/; fi
xsltproc  --output book/svn-book.html \
  `[ -d stylesheets ] && echo stylesheets || echo
../tools`/html-stylesheet.xsl book/book.xml
../tools/dtd/docbook-4.4/dbcentx.mod:308: warning: failed to load
external entity

...followed by a bazillion errors about 'unknown' entities such as mdash.

So, what new tools do I need?  Can we update our README accordingly?

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