[PATCH] Add local customization layers for all languages

Max Bowsher maxb1 at ukf.net
Tue Aug 8 07:33:50 CDT 2006

Øyvind A. Holm wrote:
> I need to do a change to the xsl stylesheets for the Norwegian book 
> (changing “” to «» and maybe some other small stuff) so I need a local 
> customization layer to be able to do it. This patch creates a local 
> tools/ directory at the root of every book variant, containing their own 
> .xsl files. For now they don’t change anything, only imports the master 
> stylesheets from $TOOLS_DIR. Later on they can be tweaked for each 
> language separately. Have tested make for all languages.

Question: Are most languages eventually going to want to do this?
If only a few languages are ever going to make customizations, then I 
favour only creating the additional .xsl files for the languages that 
need them, and having the makefile simply use the local override if it 
exists, but otherwise use the master version directly.


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