R: [PATCH] Validation fix for Italian web page

Federico Nebiacolombo federico.nebiacolombo at softeco.it
Mon Aug 7 03:12:20 CDT 2006

Hi everybody,
             I have just read all recent mails dealing with it (web and
book) fixes:
as you can easly understand the majority of it team had an holiday period
(me also), even if
I agree that some feedback should be done by somebody of us(!).

I would really thank anyone of svn community who took care of it stuff in
this period.

I still agree about the fact we (it team) should valid xml src before
personally I'am used to verify my contribution (before commit) and every
contribution just after update.

Talking about nightly build logs, I will check them periodically but do not
esitate to give us feedback about
problems so that we can (quickly :-) fix them.

Finally, around beginning of september (I suppose all it team will join) we
will address on svnbook-dev at red-bean.com
mail list the problem dealing with filter of original english <para> which
actullay we preserve in it translation.

best regards
Federico Nebiacolombo alias Nebiac
svn it team leader

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> Inviato: sabato 5 agosto 2006 13.30
> A: "Øyvind A. Holm"
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> Oggetto: Re: [PATCH] Validation fix for Italian web page
> Øyvind A. Holm wrote:
> > There were some validation errors in the Italian web page, this patch
> > makes it almost valid again while keeping the same layout. Two errors
> > remains, it complains about duplicate IDs ("translationstatus") in line
> > 149 and 190. It’s probably best to let someone who knows the language
> > take care of that. :)
> >
> > [[[
> > * www/index.it.html: Fixed various validation errors + changed <title>
> >     content to Italian.
> > ]]]
> >
> > Attachments:
> > 5802df29df629ed6efaa29696cc01319  www-it.r2341.patch
> Looks good to me, please go ahead and commit.
> Are there no Italian team members watching this list?
> This patch has lay for almost 2 weeks without response.
> Max.

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