Build problems preventing nightlies for 'it' and 'pt_BR'

Max Bowsher maxb1 at
Sat Aug 5 06:24:52 CDT 2006

C. Michael Pilato wrote:
> So, tonight I did some work to make the build-nightlies script more
> resilient to build errors, and to list build-broken locales alongside the
> successful ones with a note about brokenness and a pointer to the build logs
> (which we now keep on a nightly basis, too).  In the process of testing my
> changes, I noticed that both the 'it' and 'pt_BR' translation teams have
> broken builds.
> See for the new look of the nightly
> build index.
> And see the following links for nightly build logs of the currently broken
> locales:

I've fixed up the breakage for now -- here are some comments:

>    it:

Please do be careful to keep the files valid. Several of the breakages
in this file were pretty basic. At a very minimum, review your changes
before committing, but better still, use 'make valid' to test the
validity of your files before committing.

>    pt_BR:

OK, this was a much subtler problem - but 'make valid' would still have
caught it, so do try to use that where possible.

Also: note for the 'zh' locale group:

Whilst I was running 'make valid' on everything, I found one small error
here too - it wasn't severe enough to break the build (it was just a
broken link), but still, it is good to be correct. Also, as of now, I've
adjusted the nightly builds to now check validity before attempting a
build, and abort if invalid.


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