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#25: improve svn:ignore description
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 From an email exchange:

 I totally agree.  The first sentence of the section in our book is
 "The svn:ignore property contains a list of file patterns which
 certain Subversion operations will ignore."  Sure, if you keep reading
 the whole section, it goes into a detailed example of how 'svn status'
 will ignore patterns you set, and then at the very end, it mentions
 that 'svn add' and 'svn import' honor the ignores as well.

 But from years of #svn and users@ experience, let me say that this is
 one of the top-5-all-time newbie confusions:  everyone thinks that
 svn:ignore means "this versioned thing won't get committed".  I think
 we need to make the book section more like the FAQ, and say *right* at
 the beginning that it only affects unversioned files.

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