[PATCH] Validation fix for Italian web page

Max Bowsher maxb1 at ukf.net
Sat Aug 5 06:29:54 CDT 2006

Øyvind A. Holm wrote:
> There were some validation errors in the Italian web page, this patch 
> makes it almost valid again while keeping the same layout. Two errors 
> remains, it complains about duplicate IDs ("translationstatus") in line 
> 149 and 190. It’s probably best to let someone who knows the language 
> take care of that. :)
> [[[
> * www/index.it.html: Fixed various validation errors + changed <title> 
>     content to Italian.
> ]]]
> Attachments:
> 5802df29df629ed6efaa29696cc01319  www-it.r2341.patch

Looks good to me, please go ahead and commit.

Are there no Italian team members watching this list?
This patch has lay for almost 2 weeks without response.


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