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#14: Migrate [svn]/doc/user/cvs-crossover-guide.html into the book
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Comment (by StephenC [unauthenticated]):

 Comments from a end user browsing by:

 - I suggest that this not delay the 1.2 final version of the book.
 Otherwise the final book releases are going to get further and further
 behind the releases of svn.

 - Consider changing appendix A from "Subversion for CVS Users" to
 something like "Crossover Guides for previous users of other systems" with
 the first part as CVS and stubs for a couple of other commercial systems.
 This will accomplish several things:
   - address the concern that the book is pitching itself as "only cvs" in

   - designate a place for further contributions

   - when it gets too big, allow for it to be removed to a separate
 "migrating to svn" kind of book (because by then it won't really fit the
 scope this book, "how to use svn" right?)

   - allow you to structure this section in a way that the crossover from
 CVS is written the same way as the crossover from something else, Visual
 SafeSource for example.

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