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Tue Apr 11 15:09:53 CDT 2006

Your mail was sent to the wrong folks.  users at is the
group you wanted to hit.  But I'll answer anyway.

Alfred Morgan wrote:
> Is there going to be a --stop-on-copy for svnlook log subcommand?

Not likely.  'svnlook log' isn't like 'svn log' in that it attempts to walk
many revisions of history.  It just presents the log message for a single
revision or transaction in the tree.  Because it doesn't do such a walk
(because it ain't "going"), there's nothing to "stop".

> How can I use svnlook to easily get the logs just for a branch?

You can't.  Use 'svn log file:///path/to/repository/branches/mybranch
--stop-on-copy' or somesuch for that.

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