[PATCH] New documentation for pan-server authz support

David Anderson david.anderson at calixo.net
Sun Oct 2 12:28:48 CDT 2005

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Attached is an attempt at reworking the contents of the book to document 
the new state of authz support in svn 1.3 .  For anyone who hasn't 
followed this, authz support is now available in both Apache (via 
mod_authz_svn) and svnserve (via a 'authz-db' configuration directive).

I created a new section on authorization, just after the section on 
credential caching, where I document the existence of authz and the 
common file syntax used for path ACLs.  The specifics of how to enable 
parsing and enforcing of this rule file are then given in each server's 
section.  The section for Apache-httpd has changed in that the file 
syntax description has been moved out; the section on svnserve no longer 
documents the pre-commit hook workarounds, and instead talks about 
enabling authz in svnserve.conf .

Finally, the table pitching httpd vs. svnserve is updated, listing 
equality on the authz front for both RA servers.

I consider this patch to be a first attempt at reworking the description 
of authz.  I'm mainly posting this to get feedback on how/if the 
documentation could be structured or worded somewhat better.  Hopefully 
it'll at least help by offering a starting point for discussion.

- Dave

Document the new state of authz support (as of svn 1.3).

* src/en/book/ch06.xml
   (svn.serverconfig.overview.tbl-1): Svnserve supports the same kind of
     authz as Apache-httpd.
   (svn.serverconfig.netmodel.authz): New section.
   (svn.serverconfig.svnserve.auth.general): Document the new
     configuration directive and use of authz in svnserve.
   (svn.serverconfig.httpd.authz): Move file syntax documentation to
     svn.serverconfig.netmodel.authz.  Add a pointer to the new section.
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