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Leandro Dorileo ldorileo at
Fri Nov 25 05:44:21 CST 2005

Hi Max

Here goes the list of team members. By we have only two people and both are
gonna to have commit access;

Name: Leandro Dorileo
Preferred user name: dorileo
E-mail: ldorileo at

Name: CĂ©lio Cidral Junior
Preferred user name: ccidral
E-mail: ccidral.newsbox at


On 11/24/05, Max Bowsher <maxb1 at> wrote:
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> Leandro Dorileo wrote:
> > Hi all
> >
> > I've began the pt_BR translation. I've translated the index.html
> > page(that's a begin guys, I worked about few minutes), and I would like
> > to show that to all the other guys interested to participate, I can send
> > another mail attaching what I did, to svnbook-dev at
> > <mailto:svnbook-dev at> or perhaps to
> > svnbook-pt_br at <mailto:svnbook-pt_br at> if
> possible.
> Sorry, I've been a bit distracted working through my todo list lately.
> OK, here we go....
> Mailing List:
> - -------------
> The mailing lists at are managed by the GNU Mailman software.
> For the sake of spam prevention, we suggest that your mailing list only
> accept posts from subscribers. You therefore need one or more list
> moderators to accept valid posts from people not on the list, or discard
> spam. Mailman moderation is done via a web interface. It can also be
> configured to send the moderators email when a message is held for
> moderation.
> Your list address will be: svnbook-pt_br at
> Let me know who will be moderators, and I will create the list.
> Mailman uses a single moderation password shared between all moderators
> of a list - choose what you would like for the moderation password, and
> email me (privately, of course), so I can set that up.
> Repository Access:
> - ------------------
> Look at the file:
> Send an email to svnbook-dev listing all your team members, and ask each
> team member who is to have commit access, to email svnbook-dev, telling
> us:
>    1. Their name.
>    2. Their preferred user-name for commit access.
>    3. Their preferred email address for svnbook matters.
> Send an initial sample of translation to svnbook-dev (for example,
> index.html).
> Once the above are complete, I will email out randomly generated
> passwords for commit access. (You will be able to change them to
> something memorable.)
> Contact the Subversion pt_BR.po maintainer:
> - -------------------------------------------
> I suggest you contact the Subversion pt_BR.po maintainer, Marcos Chaves
> <mchvs at>, to let him know there is a Subversion Book
> translation project starting.
> You may wish to discuss translations of technical terms with him, so
> that the .po file and the svnbook use the same wording.
> Once again, thanks for helping Subversion spread!
> Max.
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