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Thu Nov 24 12:36:16 CST 2005

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Leandro Dorileo wrote:
> Hi all
> I've began the pt_BR translation. I've translated the index.html
> page(that's a begin guys, I worked about few minutes), and I would like
> to show that to all the other guys interested to participate, I can send
> another mail attaching what I did, to svnbook-dev at
> <mailto:svnbook-dev at> or perhaps to
> svnbook-pt_br at <mailto:svnbook-pt_br at> if possible.

Sorry, I've been a bit distracted working through my todo list lately.

OK, here we go....

Mailing List:
- -------------

The mailing lists at are managed by the GNU Mailman software.

For the sake of spam prevention, we suggest that your mailing list only
accept posts from subscribers. You therefore need one or more list
moderators to accept valid posts from people not on the list, or discard
spam. Mailman moderation is done via a web interface. It can also be
configured to send the moderators email when a message is held for

Your list address will be: svnbook-pt_br at

Let me know who will be moderators, and I will create the list.

Mailman uses a single moderation password shared between all moderators
of a list - choose what you would like for the moderation password, and
email me (privately, of course), so I can set that up.

Repository Access:
- ------------------

Look at the file:

Send an email to svnbook-dev listing all your team members, and ask each
team member who is to have commit access, to email svnbook-dev, telling us:
   1. Their name.
   2. Their preferred user-name for commit access.
   3. Their preferred email address for svnbook matters.

Send an initial sample of translation to svnbook-dev (for example,

Once the above are complete, I will email out randomly generated
passwords for commit access. (You will be able to change them to
something memorable.)

Contact the Subversion pt_BR.po maintainer:
- -------------------------------------------

I suggest you contact the Subversion pt_BR.po maintainer, Marcos Chaves
<mchvs at>, to let him know there is a Subversion Book
translation project starting.

You may wish to discuss translations of technical terms with him, so
that the .po file and the svnbook use the same wording.

Once again, thanks for helping Subversion spread!

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