complain on [svnbook commit] r1847 - trunk/src/ru/book

Alex S. Kabakaev ask at
Wed Nov 23 10:40:54 CST 2005

Hello, SVN Book Developers!

At /Mon Nov 21 22:26:55 CST 2005 there was a commit:/
Author: FLamY
Date: Mon Nov 21 22:26:54 2005
New Revision: 1847


Corrected some mistakes. Uniforming the style of text.

Unfortunately, not only "some mistakes corrected", but also added one: 
since this commit all the russian version of book does NOT 'make's 
(could not be converted to converts to html).

As a result, at this moment all the nightly builded russian books are 
inaccessible at all (including and

SVN diff like that:
svn diff -r 1846:1847
gives a pile of changes, so i had no time to find out the problem.
You'd better to make more atomic commits :)

Looking forward for you to fix the problem.

Alex S. Kabakaev admin
Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia

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