Subversion book 301 error [PATCH]

Ben Collins-Sussman sussman at
Tue Mar 29 19:36:51 CST 2005

On Mar 29, 2005, at 5:26 PM, C. Michael Pilato wrote:

>> (Meanwhile, I'm trying to scheme up a way to automatically convert
>> project_faq.html into docbook-xml, so the book can stay in sync!)
> On the contrary, I think we should gut that reproduction of the FAQ
> altogether, putting FAQ entries relevant to the book text near the
> relevant book text (as Tips or something), and dropping the rest.

I agree that would be ideal, but I fear it's unscalable.... that we'd 
end up with way too many tips/sidebars/etc, and that it would end up 
destroying the readability of chapters... or maybe just overwhelm the 

I think that *some* of the FAQs can be incorporated into the book's 
text as normal content, as improvement to existing explanations.  But 
certainly not everything in the FAQ.  It's a losing battle.

I think you're right... we should probably just kill the whole FAQ 
appendix, and merely point to the website.

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