[Suggestion] In-place 'import'

Brett Hunt bhunt at myrealbox.com
Mon Mar 14 11:30:27 CST 2005

I'm sure you're probably tired of hearing suggestions, but this one 
stumped me for a bit and I thought it would be a useful addition to the 
Quickstart section and to Chapter 3, the section on Import.

A common problem/desire is to add an existing project to version 
control.  Many of the users that I support are tripped up by the fact 
that an SVN (and CVS for that matter) import puts files into the 
repository but does not put their working directory under version 
control.  From the SVN FAQ page (http://subversion.tigris.org/faq.html), 
there is a way to convert a working directory into a version controlled 
project.  The FAQ item is "How can I do an in-place 'import' (i.e. add a 
tree of unversioned files to subversion, and convert the original tree 
into a working copy)?" 
(http://subversion.tigris.org/faq.html#in-place-import).  With some 
explanation, an example, and maybe an explanation of a command to do a 
bulk addition of all files recursively, I think it would make a very 
useful addition to the book.

This is an great book.  "Open Source Development with CVS" was excellent 
and is why I'm reading this one.


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