[svnbook commit] r1159 - trunk/src/en

sunny256 at red-bean.com sunny256 at red-bean.com
Wed Mar 9 01:31:58 CST 2005

Author: sunny256
Date: Wed Mar  9 01:31:57 2005
New Revision: 1159

Add commented-out option for generation of A4 Postscript versions. 
Previously only the PDF version was generated in A4.

* src/en/Makefile
  Add a commented-out line with option for generating Postscript in A4 
  format in addition to the PDF version.

Modified: trunk/src/en/Makefile
--- trunk/src/en/Makefile	(original)
+++ trunk/src/en/Makefile	Wed Mar  9 01:31:57 2005
@@ -37,8 +37,9 @@
 # BOOK_PDF_XSLTPROC_OPTS = --stringparam page.height 9in --stringparam page.width 6.4in
 # BOOK_PS_XSLTPROC_OPTS = --stringparam page.height 9in --stringparam page.width 6.4in
-# Uncomment the following line if you'd like to print on A4 paper
+# Uncomment the following lines if you'd like to print on A4 paper
 # BOOK_PDF_XSLTPROC_OPTS = --stringparam paper.type A4
+# BOOK_PS_XSLTPROC_OPTS = --stringparam paper.type A4
 all: all-html all-pdf all-ps

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