[svnbook commit] r1507 - trunk/src/ru

dmitriy dmitrii at list.ru
Tue Jun 28 08:47:19 CDT 2005

On Tuesday 28 June 2005 15:12, maxb wrote:
> Russian translators: I have set 'svn:eol-style = native' on your
> ProperNames file to avoid the awkwardly large diffs as present in, for
> example, the commit mail of r1503.

Some words about too big patches and mailing list. If patch is small - that no 
problem. And if patch is big? For example, in '-r 1506' or my own in 
'-r 1501'. I send information in repository, and then I receive same 
information back trough a mailing list. Whether it's correct? Certainly, 
maybe here there is no problem, it simply my remark.

with best regards,

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