[svnbook commit] r1506 - trunk/src/zh/book

Max Bowsher maxb at ukf.net
Tue Jun 28 07:35:28 CDT 2005

rocksun wrote:
> Author: rocksun
> Date: Tue Jun 28 06:22:05 2005
> New Revision: 1506
> Added:
>   trunk/src/zh/book/glossary.xml
> Modified:
>   trunk/src/zh/book/book.xml
>   trunk/src/zh/book/ch00.xml
>   trunk/src/zh/book/ch01.xml
>   trunk/src/zh/book/ch02.xml
>   trunk/src/zh/book/foreword.xml
> Log:
> Finish the ch00.xml, ch01.xml, ch02.xml,
> book.xml,foreword.xml
> Add glossary.xml for chinese glossary

Please ensure your log messages conform to the same style everyone else is 
Read the relevant section of the Subversion project's HACKING file for full 
details, or simply model log messages based on the ones you see others 

I have edited the above to:
* zh/book/glossary.xml: Add a Chinese glossary.

* zh/book/ch00.xml:
* zh/book/ch01.xml:
* zh/book/ch02.xml:
* zh/book/foreword.xml:
  Finish. Add UTF BOM.

* zh/book/book.xml: Link 'glossary.xml' into the book. Add UTF BOM.
    Alter DTD path, and remove include of 'version.xml' - there last two
    changes reverted in r1508.

I have reverted some inappropriate changes made to book.xml - I assume they 
were accidental - if they were not, you need to discuss them here.


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