Translation Teams: A Request for Help

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Sun Jun 26 16:30:01 CDT 2005

steveking wrote:

> C. Michael Pilato wrote:
>> Dear Translation Teams Actually Getting Stuff Done,
>> I am in dire need of some insight into how it is that you actually 
>> *do* get stuff done.  What makes your Subversion book translation 
>> actually work?  How are the teams built?  How do they coordinate?  
>> How should we deal with lone rangers who email saying they'd like to 
>> start a translation into some language?  Are you tracking the latest 
>> changes to the English book, or are you working against some older 
>> tag of that book (you /are /doing one or the other, right?).
>> I think recent list traffic is a clear indication that there's *got* 
>> to be an easier way to get new translation teams on board, to keep 
>> translations from growing stale, etc.  I'm open to any and all 
>> suggestions that don't involve my running through downtown Chicago in 
>> my underpants.
> Even though I'd really like a picture of you running downtown Chicago 
> in your underpants :-) I think I can at least try to suggest something 
> which doesn't require that:

[neat-o idea snipped]

Thanks, Steve!  That's actually a pretty cool idea.

Quick question, though -- I assume the granularity of a entry in the 
bundle file is like ... a paragraph, or something.  If so, do your 
translators not find working with chunks of that size and that 
particular file format unwieldy?

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