[svnbook commit] r1448 - trunk/src/en/book

Ben Collins-Sussman sussman at red-bean.com
Thu Jun 16 10:55:51 CDT 2005

On Jun 15, 2005, at 5:55 PM, C. Michael Pilato wrote:

>> +    <sect2 id="svn.advanced.locking.policies">
>> +      <title>Locking policies</title>
> I'm concerned about this whole section.  There's no precedent for  
> detailing the use of repository hooks outside of the repository  
> administration chapter.  Perhaps you can find a way to keep the  
> gnarly details in the repos admin chapter, but enough fluff in the  
> locking section (and pointers to the former) to make sense.  Just a  
> thought.

The gnarly details about how the 4 new lock-hooks work are already  
explained in chapter 5.  The problem is that there's no context there  
for 'best practices' w.r.t. locking.

Actually, this section is really tiny because it was originally a  
sidebar.  Maybe I'll just tighten it up and convert it back into a  

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