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Jostein Chr. Andersen jostein at
Fri Jun 10 02:54:48 CDT 2005

On Friday 10 June 2005 00.52, Max Bowsher wrote:
> One question - what is svn_bck.png supposed to do? It gets listed in
> the .hhp file, but doesn't seem to appear anywhere in the final
> output?

It's the background image used in the CHM file's HTML-part, and you can 
see it on the screenshots from here:

KChm (KDE/Linux) and MS HTML-help (Windows) shows this background image 
as they should, and xCHM does not. The reason is probably that chmlib - 
used by xCHM, KchmViewer and many others - don't seem to support 
background images at the moment.

> Regarding putting .chm versions on red-bean - well, we couldn't build
> nightlys on red-bean, but we could do something periodically - or
> perhaps have a windows box build and scp nightlys?

I've done it under Linux/Wine and command line only, so it's technical 
possible. The problem is license issues. AFAIK, some of the (Microsoft) 
runtime files are only allowed to be used under Windows; so I 
uninstalled the whole thing.

This situation will change in near future, work is on the way to do this 
in a native Unix way.

Another alternative is this: Many computers are sold with an OEM versions 
of Windows which is kicked out and swithed out with Linux or a BSD 
variant. Is it so with the red bean machine or another one in the 
CollabNet sphere? Then it's legal to run that Windows in a virtual 
machine, such as VMware, Bochs and others.

> I really have no idea how popular the format is, to know exactly how
> much effort is worthwhile.

It's the one used by Windows (and also Subversion's Windows Installer). 
For other platforms, I don't know about the popularity, but it's 
supported "everywhere" these days. It's even supported in kdevelop's 
help system; it's handy to have the Mysql, perl and bash docs under the 
fingertips this way! :-)

  Here is some Unix stuff docs in CHM format from

  More links (info):


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