[svnbook commit] r1418 - trunk/src/ru/book

Øyvind A. Holm sunny at sunbase.org
Mon Jun 6 04:04:02 CDT 2005

On 2005-06-04 21:20:13 vr wrote:
> Author: vr
> Date: Sat Jun  4 21:20:12 2005
> New Revision: 1418
> [...]
>   Partially finished editing svn.preface.new-1-1,
>   waiting for the man to show how to use Norway-style comments
>   with -- inside.

Earlier, this was an annoying problem when keeping the English text 
around in the translated files. In the beginning I separated those 
dashes with a single space or something, but this was bad for two 
reasons; The English text is changed in a non-determinable way which 
created conflicts on those lines when running make sync, and it broke my 
policy that the translation should only add to the file, not remove 
anything. (Changing a line removes the old version of the line.)

It is solved by inserting a character from the “private use” Unicode 
area — ﳢ — between all double dashes inside the comments. This is 
done by the src/nb/bin/clean_files script. It converts the XML files 
into two possible formats:

  - “commit format”, which is for commits and builds. "make commitmode" 
    takes care of that. All double hyphens are separated by the ﳢ 
  - “editing format” which is used for editing and merging (make sync). 
    Converted  with "make editmode". When I say “editing”, it has to to 
    with the old build system which created HTML using ISO-8859-1 
    instead of UTF-8 and I had to use numerical entities for characters 
    above U+007F. It now generates XHTML and uses UTF-8, so it is not 
    necessary to run a "make editmode" before the edititing starts any 
    more. Unless you want to get rid of those funky entities, of course.

I mentioned above that my policy is to not remove anything from the 
English files, everything that is translated is _added_ to the files. 
This is for easing the syncronisation process. It creates fewer 
conflicts, and it also makes it easy to spot erroneous merges/updates. 
This is taken care of the "make bookdiff" rule. The Makefile starts 
vimdiff after it is done, and compares the local files with the same 
version from the English version. If everything is OK, only blue lines 
should occur on the left side of the display, otherwise there is an 
error. This can also be checked with

make bookdiff
cd bd.tmp
diff -du eng.txt norw.txt | grep ^-

If everything is correct compared to the English version, only one line 
should be displayed.

Сенсорно Ваш,
Ойвин Хольм
for f in 1 2 3; do
  wget $PREF.sub ; mplayer -cache 8192 -sub stallman${f}c.sub $PREF.mpeg

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