Idea: Moving sections 'Undoing changes' and 'Resurrecting deleted items'

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Fri Jun 3 14:18:30 CDT 2005

Max Bowsher wrote:

> Agree mostly, but "how do I undo..." is becoming a rather common 
> question.

At the basest level, the undoing of changes is as simple as the doing of 
changes -- you add, delete, and modify files and directories.  So people 
with a modicrum of sense aren't really asking, "How do I undo changes?" 
because that's like asking "How do I do changes?".  They're asking, "How 
do I get Subversion to automatically do all this work for me?"  That's 
an advanced, not a basic, topic.

> How about an additional section in "Ch3 -> Other Useful Commands", 
> which just points out that undoing changes is actually a form of 
> merging, and suggests that people not skip over chapter 4 just because 
> they don't intend to work with branches at the moment?

This is acceptable to me.

> I get the feeling that people simply aren't finding the existing Ch4 
> section on undoing changes, because they don't mentally associate it 
> with branching or merging.

If people aren't finding the Ch. 4 section, it's because they've 
forgotten how to use search tools or how to read a Table of Contents.  :-)

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