[QUESTION] ch09.xml

Maverick Crank GRey maverick.crank.grey at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 12:42:38 CDT 2005

Good time of day!

We have the following strings in ch09.xml file.
            <para>Forces a suspicious parameter passed to the
              <option>--message</option> (<option>-m</option>) or
              <option>--file</option> (<option>-F</option>) options to
              be accepted as valid.  By default, Subversion will
              produce an error if parameters to these options look
              like they might instead be targets of the subcommand.
              For example, if you pass a versioned file's path to the
              <option>--file</option> (<option>-F</option>) option,
              Subversion will assume you've made a mistake, that the
              path was instead intended as the target of the
              operation, and that you simply failed to provide some
              other—unversioned—file as the source of your log
              message.  To assert your intent and override these types
              of errors, pass the <option>--force-log</option> option 
              to commands that accept log messages.</para>
It seems to me, the word "commands" in the last sentence should be
repaced with "subcommands". Is it so?

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