[svnbook commit] r1465 - svn:log

sunny256 svnbook-dev at red-bean.com
Sat Jun 18 19:55:10 CDT 2005

Author: sunny256
Revision: 1465
Property Name: svn:log

New Property Value:
Sync the Norwegian svnbook against the English version, r1430:1464.

  Updated to 1464 by make sync.

* src/nb/book/appb.xml
  Deleted in r1449 and replaced by appc.xml in r1450.

* src/nb/book/appc.xml
  Merged r1440. Moved to appb.xml in r1450 and replaced by appd.xml in 
  r1451. Merged r1452, r1453.

* src/nb/book/appd.xml
  Gone, as it was renamed to appc.xml in r1451.

* src/nb/book/book.xml
  Merged r1449, r1450, r1451.

* src/nb/book/ch00.xml
  Merged r1460.

* src/nb/book/ch02.xml
  Merged r1433, r1442.

* src/nb/book/ch05.xml
  Merged r1433, r1443, r1446.

* src/nb/book/ch06.xml
  Merged r1433.

* src/nb/book/ch07.xml
  Merged r1442, r1444, r1448, r1456, r1457, r1458.

* src/nb/book/ch09.xml
  Merged r1433, r1443, r1444, r1449.

* src/nb/Makefile
  (BOOKFILES, BDFILES): Removed appd.xml .

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