the svn bug or feature?

Andrew Sagulin andrews42 at
Wed Jun 15 05:25:20 CDT 2005

Hello svnbook-dev

Two weeks ago I downloaded and installed Subversion 1.2.0. I also downloaded and read
Svnbook. Actually this is a great job (both Subversion and the book about it).

But when I tried one doubtful feature I found that Subversion did
somethine different from Svnbook example:

=== svn copy reference ===
$ svn copy file:///tmp/repos/test/trunk file:///tmp/repos/test/tags/0.6.32-prerelease -m "tag tree"

Committed revision 12.

And don't worry if you forgot to tag≈you can always specify an older revision and tag anytime:

$ svn copy -r 11 file:///tmp/repos/test/trunk file:///tmp/repos/test/tags/0.6.32-prerelease -m "Forgot to tag at rev 11"

Committed revision 13.

Actually svn do not override destination, but create subdirectory:

On the next attempt to copy to the same destination svn will report

svn: Path 'tags/0.6.32-prerelease/trunk' already exists.

Is it a Subversion bug or a Svnbook inaccuracy?

Sincerely yours.

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