CHM version of the book (compiled from r1433)

Jostein Chr. Andersen jostein at
Wed Jun 8 06:36:46 CDT 2005


I have compiled a CHM (compressed HTML help file) version of the book and 
wonder if you want it.

The CHM format is originally a MS Windows format, but it's gaining 
popularity in the Unix world as well.

Here is a list over some sutable CHM viewers for Unix:

KchmViewer (QT and optionally with KDE), kchm (KDE) and xchm (wxwidgets).

This is the same as the ones compiled and included with the windows 
installer and builded from Windows. It's no way to make the CHM files 
under Unix legally at the moment, AFAIK, but that will change.

So, do you want it?


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