Translations of index.en.html.

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Sun Jun 5 00:15:56 CDT 2005

Just as a reminder, one of first things that a new translation should do 
(in my opinion, anyway) is to translate www/index.en.html to 
www/index.LOCALE.html.  This is a straight translation for the most 
part, except for a per-translation addition that the Spanish folks came 
up with, and that I think is a really good idea.  They've expanded the 
"Translations" section, translating the one paragraph present in the 
English version, but then adding additional paragraphs describing the 
status and contact info for their specific translation team, as well as 
links to their nightly snapshots.  I would encourage other translation 
teams to take a similar approach.

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