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Sat Jun 4 02:01:19 CDT 2005

Author: cmpilato
Date: Sat Jun  4 02:01:18 2005
New Revision: 1408

Take a stab at providing some pronuniation hints for ProperNames.

Modified: trunk/src/ru/ProperNames
--- trunk/src/ru/ProperNames	(original)
+++ trunk/src/ru/ProperNames	Sat Jun  4 02:01:18 2005
@@ -17,11 +17,9 @@
 Below are the names which we have doubts of:
 Jani Averbach	    (first name?)
-Brian Behlendorf    (last name, 'h' in 'beh' -- is it mute?)
 Francois Beausoleil (first and last names?)
 Jennifer Bevan	    (last name?)
 Matt Blais	    (last name?)
-Frances [Collins-Sussman] (first name?)
 Brane Cibej	    (first and last names?)
 Olivier Davy	    (first and last names?)
 Robert P. J. Day    (J.?)	
@@ -30,32 +28,25 @@
                      two? she may be Slav, can we get exact original
 		     Cyrillic letters for the last name then?)
 Nick Duffek	    (last name?) 
-Karl Fogel	    ('-gel' or '-dzel'?)
 Chris Foote	    (last name?)
 Martin Furter	    (last name?)
 Dave Gilbert	    (last name?)
-Greg Hudson	    (last name?)
 Alexis Huxley	    (last name?)
 Tez Kamihira	    (first name?)
 Shep Kendall	    (last name?)
-David Kimdon	    (first name, last name?)
+David Kimdon	    ("day-vid", short "a", long "i"; last name?)
 Andreas J. Koenig   (is J. like 'J' in John or 'Y' in Yetti?)
-Paul Lussier	    (first name, last name?)
+Paul Lussier	    ("pawl", last name?)
 Bruce A. Mah	    (last name?)
 Linda Mui           (last name?)
 Patrick Mayweg	    (last name?)
-Gareth McCaughan    (first name, last name?)	
-Jon Middleton	    (first sound of first name?)
+Gareth McCaughan    (first name?; last name?)	
 Kevin Pilch-Bisson  (last name?)
-Amy Lyn Pilato	    (first and middle names?)
-Gavin (Pilato)	    (first name?)
 Steffen Prohaska    (first name, last name?)
-Daniel Rall	    (last name?)
 Tobias Ringstrom    (last name?)
 Joel Rosdahl	    (last name?)
 Christian Sauer	    (last name?)
 Russell Steicke	    (last name?)
-Greg Stein	    (last name?)
 John Szakmeister    (first name, last name?)
 Eric Wadsworth	    (last name?)
 Alex Waugh	    (last name?)
@@ -63,6 +54,18 @@
 Josef Wolf	    (first name)
 Blair Zajac	    (first name, last name?)
+Names with provided hints
+Brian Behlendorf    (last name, 'h' in 'beh' is mute)
+Frances [Collins-Sussman] (fran'-siss)
+Karl Fogel	    ('-gel')
+Greg Hudson	    ("hud'-sun", short "u" sounds)
+Jon Middleton	    (short "o", like "ah")
+Amy Lyn Pilato	    ("ay-mee" "lin", short "i")
+Gavin (Pilato)	    (short "a", short "i")
+Daniel Rall	    ("rol", short "o")
+Greg Stein	    ("stin" with a long "i" -- German beer mug)
 Proper names in Russian

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