Idea: Moving sections 'Undoing changes' and 'Resurrecting deleted items'

Ben Collins-Sussman sussman at
Fri Jun 3 13:57:53 CDT 2005

On Jun 3, 2005, at 1:08 PM, C. Michael Pilato wrote:

> I'm with Ben -- merge is a complex concept, and the complexity  
> grows when you start talking about using that subcommand as a  
> mechanism for the unworking of changes.  In fact, I don't think  
> that any change is necessary at all -- we mustn't allow chapter 3  
> to become a table of contents for the rest of the book (that's what  
> the Table of Contents is for).

It's just a bit sad, because "undoing a change" is something that  
newbies often want to do, and yet the Official Way of doing that  
requires learning about a rather complex topic.

Maybe this is why, years ago, people suggested an 'svn rollback'  
command, or whatever.

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