Clarifying svn info usage with locking

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Fri Jul 29 10:58:22 CDT 2005

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Ben Collins-Sussman wrote:
> Hi, thanks for the suggestion... but I'm not sure I understand
> it. You're suggesting adding two sentences that repeat the
> content of the paragraph that they precede.  What exactly was
> confusing?

The confusing part is that in the book, the first example was with a
path and the second one with an URL. And the two wxamples are
commands run by two different people (one who has the lock and
onother). Although drawing such a parallel might be good, it is as
well confusing (for me and a few people around, as well on #svn as
discussed an hour or so before my first mail).

It might not be the best solution, it was a solution that was in my
head for half an hour or so( after spending a few hours on upgrading
servers and clients to see if that was the problem).

However, as I see in -r1574 these two are merged for good.


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