replacing '--' to faciliate translation (was Re: translation HowTo - is there such an animal)

Lorenz lorenznl at
Mon Jul 18 02:41:30 CDT 2005

Lorenz wrote:
> √ėyvind A. Holm wrote:
>in src/nb/METHOD you write about working around problems with '--'
>within xml comments.

I still can't find any mentioning of this problem in any xml source I
could find, but libxslt complains about it for sure.

So we need a solution, though I would like to eliminate the script
solution (replacing/reinstating '--').

I thought about replacing '--' by '––', and convince the
authors of the English version to do so too.

That would not eliminate the merging/compiling problems at once, at
least not for translations already running.

Already running translations would have to catch up with this change
in the English version before they could eliminate the
replacing/reinstating steps.
New translations could start with the according revision of the
English text, or handle the change on the first update/merge.

What do you think?


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