translation HowTo - is there such an animal

Lorenz lorenznl at
Wed Jul 13 08:11:53 CDT 2005

Øyvind wrote:
>Lorenz wrote:
>Some basic system to avoid stepping on each other toes is needed,

checking out with lock 8-)

>and you also have to decide how to keep the translation synchronised
>against the English master version.

I thought about keeping the english text in its original form as
comments in the source.
I hope this way I could use a diff or merge tool to detect and keep
track of changes in the english texts.

>Are you able to make test builds of the files before you commit

a while back I managed to compile the pdf version from the sources I
had checked out from the repository. That was when the book still was
located in the svn repo. Since then I deleted my setup, but it should
be no problem to set it up again.

>To keep things updated, I had to use some homegrown system, but it 
>happens to work quite well. I have documented how it works in 
>src/nb/METHOD, maybe that’s a system that you can use.

I will have a look


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